Wellness Solutions

Apt Fitness, Inc., has corporate partnerships with companies that support our mission.

Nutrition Solutions

Autists are notorious picky eaters. Their senses are amplified. Food experiences for them may be quite different than for non autists. Some are sensitive to the taste of chlorophyll. Others are sensitive to textures. It is difficult to accommodate such eating preferences. Apt Fitness, Inc., can assist you with locating dietitians, nutritionists, physicians, recipes, and more. We can also demonstrate the best kitchen tools to simplify your life. See our event calendar for our next demonstration.

While we do not currently have certified nutritionists or registered dietitians on staff, we do have them in our network. Please contact us to find someone in your area with whom you may consult regarding diet and nutrition.


Exercise anytime anywhere. Mobile personal trainer services are available at your location! Homes, offices, parks, video conferencing, and online, making it convenient for you. Exercise can improve social skills and coping strategies.

If you are autistic or have a cognitive or neurological disorder, why not work with someone who understands how you experience the world?